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The Association of Swedish Finance Houses (FF)

The Association of Swedish Finance Houses, founded in 1960, is an association for finance companies.

Finance companies are companies that operate financing activities as credit market companies or banks, financial institutes, consumer credit institute or companies with other financial activities. 


The association’s  members are companies that operate financing activities, with authorisation by the Finance Supervisory Authority (FSA) or notification with the FSA or without without requirement of such authorisation or notification. 


Finance companies with authorisation according to the Act of Banking and Financing have the right to financetheir activities with funds from the public.


Finance companies offer their financial services directly or indirectly, e.g. via supplier, and often combine financing with advice or administrative services. The main financial services are leasing, hire purchase and factoring (invoice factoring loan or purchase of receivables), loans and revolving credit including credit cards.


With respect to ownership, size and specialization, there are considerable differences between different finance companies. The member companies are owned by industrial companies and other suppliers, insurance companies and other stakeholders in the credit market.


FF:s work is conducted through two legal entities. “Finansbolagens Förening” brings together the industry and promotes the sound development of Best Practices for member companies. The association is non-profit and does not conduct business. “Finansbolagens Service - FF AB”, which is non-profit, has as its goal to provide members and associates various services by conducting investigations, engage in educational activities in legal, economic and other issues of importance to members and their business. For editorial reasons will the common abbreviation “FF” be used for both entities’ activities.  


Companies that themselves do not conduct financing operations but nonetheless have an interest in monitoring information and develop in the area, can also join the association, as associates. "Associate" status can also be granted to sales-finance departments.


Membership applications are reviewed and decided by FF’s Board. Each member pays fees to the association and its service company. Associates pay fees to the service company. 


Best Practices  

FF develops whenever necessary Best Practices in finance companies. By doing so FF and its members act as a standard setter with respect to financial services and fair practice.  


Contacts with the legislature, authorities and industry  

FF is an established and respected body to which all legislative issues in the credit market area are referred and is frequently represented in various government inquiries.   


FF continuously meets with relevant government ministries, authorities and other stakeholders. FF is amongst others represented in the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN). 


FF is a member and/or principal of several business organizations such as the ICC (the International Chamber of Commerce), The Industry’s Delegation for Market Law (NDM), the Board of Swedish Industry and Commerce for Better Regulation (NNR), the Insolvency Law Forum, Eurofinas and Leaseurope. Cooperation also takes place with other organizations. 



FF regularly compiles and distributes information regarding the most important aspects of financing activities, inter alia regulations and commentary, development tendencies, advice and guidelines. FF informs continuously via its website and publications and publishes annually an annual report.  


FF also arranges and itself participates in seminars related to the credit market area. 


Meetings and contact between members  

Regular meetings held in the association include:

·       Annual General Meeting

 ·       Information Meetings

 ·       Board Meetings

 ·       Committee meetings